“Internationalization” Complete!

The Herbalife WLC is not a program unique to the United States. They’re being held all over the world by your local Herbalife Independent Distributor. Since different countries use different currencies and units of measurement (not to mention languages), one of the challenges of creating a website such as this is making sure that it will be usable by distributors all over the world.

Once we were comfortable with how the site was working in the US and Canada, we began talking to our programmer about making changes to allow additional languages and handle different units of measurement and currency symbols.

This process is currently now complete, and distributors who have been waiting patiently for LoseBig now have their chance to use the site in their own country. Thanks for your patience!

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3 Responses to ““Internationalization” Complete!”

  1. Mehran says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is a fantastic site and we are very excited for current development of this site other countries.
    I’m a member and we opened up our Nutrition Club in Sydney and want to run WLC and take advantage of this site.
    I was wondering what is the approx time frame for completion of this project?
    We really need AU currency for Australia.

    Great work


  2. Francois says:

    Hi HNN. We signed up for your service a few days ago.
    I want to kick myself for not spending the time to look at your services in more depth when I did come across your site. But, hey: all is well that ends well.
    Thanks for this Gr8! set of web sites.

    We have been hosting Weight Loss Challenges in South Africa for nearly two years now. Enjoy every minute of it!

    May I use this message here to suggest / request some improvements?
    I think it will be very cool if we can have a similar Visitors and Contestants Box as the one you have on this page for our Home Page as well. If possible also have a Contestants Box for the different Challenges?
    We try & go out of our way to motivate our contestants with regular e-mails, SMS’s and on our web pages via my Twitter Widget.
    Will it be possible to place my Twitter Widget (just like the one you have on http://www.losebig.net) on the space to the right on all the pages from the Grey Menu Bar as well as strategic pages of our retail site.
    It is all about adding more value to our customers & the visitors to our sites.
    Could we also have a Feature somewhere at each challenge for that group’s “Weekly Winner”? And have all the weekly winners together on the Home Page?
    I would like to be able to write a short review of their achievement and the steps they took to achieve that.

    Thank you again for an AWESOME service!


  3. hallm says:

    LoseBig is ready for use by Australia distributors!

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