WLC Facebook Page – Now Available!

The webmasters of LoseBig are proud to announce we’ve relaunched our Facebook page for Herbalife WLC Coaches!

This is a great place for distributors to connect with each other online, and share ideas and ask questions of other WLC coaches!

Check out the Herbalife WLC group on Facebook! Use the ‘discussions’ tab to ask questions and work with other distributors!

What is a Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge? The Herbalife WLC is a 12 week (or shorter) local class where your participants learn how to lose weight, and keep it off for good! Your local Herbalife distributor can help you get started on the path to lifelong wellness!


4 Responses to “WLC Facebook Page – Now Available!”

  1. I BET YOU LOSE !!!! Get ready !!!! we START on JANUARY 13 th..

  2. I BET YOU LOSE !!!! Get ready !!!! we START on sep 1

  3. This looks like a good idea but how do I get started with The Facebook site . I have a Facebook account but would like to join this group

  4. hallm says:

    Hi Doria,

    Just go over to the group and you can join it. Make sure you’re logged in to your FB account.


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