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“Internationalization” Complete!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The Herbalife WLC is not a program unique to the United States. They’re being held all over the world by your local Herbalife Independent Distributor. Since different countries use different currencies and units of measurement (not to mention languages), one of the challenges of creating a website such as this is making sure that it will be usable by distributors all over the world.

Once we were comfortable with how the site was working in the US and Canada, we began talking to our programmer about making changes to allow additional languages and handle different units of measurement and currency symbols.

This process is currently now complete, and distributors who have been waiting patiently for LoseBig now have their chance to use the site in their own country. Thanks for your patience!

LoseBig Herbalife WLC Facebook Application

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

I thought you’d enjoy seeing a few screenshots of the new LoseBig Facebook Application. This will allows your participants to monitor their progress from their Facebook Account. (Click on any image for larger view).

Challenge Information –  (next meeting date and time), along with ‘Invite a Friend’ through FB.

Stats – View your stats online…

Herbalife Products – linked directly to your HNN website.

Email Your Coach – Your coach is always an email or phone call away.