Editing Your LoseBig WLC Website

Here’s a brief rundown of how you can edit your LoseBig website. First login, then proceed to your homepage:

http://losebig.net/mark(demo site)

You can create a challenge to list on your map using the ‘Manage Challenges’ tab. The rest of the homepage text is modified by using a ‘click to edit’ interface. As long as you’re logged in to your distributor account, you can simple double-click on the any of the highlighted areas, type in your text, and then save the changes.

The pencil icon (marked with a red arrow) can be clicked to upload your own profile image, or change the YouTube video to a different one.  Just copy and paste the full address of the YouTube video into the field, and then update and it should appear immediately.

Editable Areas


14 Responses to “Editing Your LoseBig WLC Website”

  1. Jose says:

    hey Mark,

    Would probably be a good idea to either not mention Herbalife or mentioned to the people that they are not obliged to buy a program in order to particiapte to the WLC. The first one would be a better idea. What are your thoughts?

  2. hallm says:

    Probably a good idea. I’ll put this on our ‘to do’ list. Ultimately, our goal is to have all of the text ‘editable’ on the homepage so distributors can word their challenge info however they’d like.

  3. Jose says:

    Gotcha! But the video is still a Herbalife video

  4. hallm says:

    Video is already editable… just copy and paste the complete YouTube address of any video (or make your own 😉 and you can put in anything you’d like.

    http://losebig.net/mark – This is a different Herbalife video, but I bet you can find a generic one… this one is close:


    You could also make your own video easily using this service:

  5. John Hullah says:

    I have found from 5 WLC that mentioning Herbalife up front is the way to go (or are people ashamed of being Herbalife distributors) to date I have had 10o% of participants choosing to go with Herbalife within first weeK of a challenge.

    I tell them once & once only that using Herbalife products is not neccessary for participation in a challenge

  6. Rex Flohr says:

    I like the idea of letting people know up front that Herbalife (a premier nutrition & weight management company) is the company that supports and provides the material for the WLC. They of course are not required to purchase any products to be a part of the challenge.

  7. Claudett says:

    I like the idea that Herbalife is mentioned.

  8. Why are there no FAQ’s listed under that section?

  9. Randy says:

    How come there isn’t anything listed under the FAQ tab?

  10. how can i delete a challenge?

  11. hallm says:


    That page should be fixed soon!

  12. danab says:

    how can I change the $ sign for cost of challenge to pounds sterling sign?

  13. hallm says:

    On your account profile page you can edit your currency and measurement preferences.

  14. Hi there Mark.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Just below the map, there is a line saying Price Start and just beneath that it says
    “from R 0 for 12 weeks”
    How can I change the price to R400. It can not be edited. Can you please help.
    Thank you very much.

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