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WLC Facebook Page - Now Available!

Hi Doria,

Just go over to the group and you can join it. Make sure you’re logged in to your FB account.


Editing Your LoseBig WLC Website

On your account profile page you can edit your currency and measurement preferences.

LoseBig Herbalife WLC Facebook Application

Odette – there’s nothing to download. Everything is web based.

"Internationalization" Complete!

LoseBig is ready for use by Australia distributors!

Editing Your LoseBig WLC Website


That page should be fixed soon!

Editing Your LoseBig WLC Website

Video is already editable… just copy and paste the complete YouTube address of any video (or make your own 😉 and you can put in anything you’d like. – This is a different Herbalife video, but I bet you can find a generic one… this one is close:

You could also make your own video easily using this service:

Editing Your LoseBig WLC Website

Probably a good idea. I’ll put this on our ‘to do’ list. Ultimately, our goal is to have all of the text ‘editable’ on the homepage so distributors can word their challenge info however they’d like.